Kerstie Whiley

I trained as a jeweller and silversmith at Truro College, part of Plymouth University in 2010 where I attained a foundation degree. I then went on a quest to find myself. With a little help and lots of thanks to Maria of Little Feathers in St Agnes, Cornwall for getting me excited about jewellery and making.

Taking inspiration from the natural world and historic monuments, my pieces are the narrative of my discovery of new materials and experiences. Since moving to Chippenham, Wiltshire I have been inspired by the surrounding natural places of beauty. This has enabled me to create new and exciting pieces as well as building on my original design ideas.


Popshop Wiltshire
Emery Gate, Chippenham


From Bloomsbury to Bennington
Temporary graduate exhibition in Cheltenham
November 2010

Bovey Tracey
Contemporary Craft Fair
June 2010

Bovey Tracey
Contemporary Craft Fair
June 2009